Exit & Succession Planning

Are you ready to sell your business?

Sadly only 21% of business owners successfully sell their business.  However, business owners can be successful in selling their business if an Exit & Succession Plan is implemented into the planning phase.

Research shows 70 per cent of businesses think succession and exit strategy planning is important, but only 12 per cent have a documented plan.

Guardian Business Advisors are specialists in Exit & Succession Planning and work with businesses, generally 1-3 years prior to a business owner selling the business, to develop and implement a plan to sell your business for more money.

Our Business Advisors will work with your business in introducing proven worldwide systems that will improve the value of your business.

Our Exit & Succession Planning Coaching includes two stages.

Stage 1 : The Getting Ready Process

Exploring whether you have the right information for a potential buyer.

Is your business a low risk investment? Do you understand the key criteria in selling your business so you can structure your business in the best light? Is it likely that if you waited you could improve the appeal of your business and therefore sell it for more money?

Stage 2 : Understanding How to Sell

Price, strategy and processes

The price, strategy and process is what you will use to advertise and sell your business.

Execution of a detailed and well thought out plan that will result in the maximum sale price.

What Will Be the Business Outcomes For You?

Renewed enthusiasm in running the business as it is now linked to a higher purpose

Improved business value

Improved chance of selling the business

Improved systems and people management

Increase profits and revenue

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